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Rosa Roig-Fiol_Bio Photo.jpg


b. 1991, Palma de Mallorca

Rosa Roig-Fiol is a Spanish-British artist whose artistic journey was inspired by the picturesque landscapes of her home, Mallorca. Growing up surrounded by natural beauty, Rosa developed her unique artistic perspective from an early age.


After completing her degree in Interior Architecture, Rosa relocated from Mallorca to Bath, England, where she discovered her artistic identity. Her distinctive style seamlessly blends the idyllic British countryside with the warmth of her Mediterranean roots, creating a visual language that deeply resonates with memories of nature.


Rosa’s artistic style navigates the delicate balance between rehearsed abandon and careful restraint. The essence of her work lies in the interplay of colour and texture, where each stroke contributes to a bucolic abstraction of the natural world. This approach allows her to capture the essence of a scene while inviting interpretation and fostering a connection between the artwork and its observer.


Currently, Rosa is proudly represented by Jenna Burlingham Art Gallery in Hampshire, England. Her work has also been showcased through Cramer & Bell, London. Notable commissions include a collection of paintings for the Locke Hotel in Zurich and an exclusive private members’ club in London. 

photo by Luisa Starling

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